Latest News

  • Added Sections, Editor and hundreds of problems. [ Read about recent changes ]
  • Added discussions for problems and notification system! You will follow every problem that you've accepted.
  • Added default compiler for users.
  • Both gcc and g++ compilers have upgraded to 4.6.3!
  • Our judging server moved to a new machine.
  • Added Human language to compilers! (April's fool)
  • Added Php to compilers.
  • Fixed email sending issues.
  • Added account recovery.
  • Added virtual ranklist support.
  • From now on users have to validate their email address.
  • Added Python to compilers.
  • Added User Profile and Overall Ranklist.
  • White spaces are ignored in counting the charachters now.
  • Added "View Accepted Runs" and sorting ability!
  • Clarification support added!
  • Special Judge support added!
  • ShareCode is up with a brand new theme!